Marriott is on a quest to be the world’s favorite travel company. Their Global Design group is key to the mission — examining every aspect of every one of the hospitality giant’s 18 hotel brands, and developing new ways to make the guest experience more relevant, enjoyable and memorable through design. They’re not messing around. They’re making some bold moves, breaking a few molds, pushing the corporate culture to get with the Millennial mindset and encouraging people to hone their inner innovator.

As a creative writing resource for the Global Design team, Straightup helps communicate key design ideas to the Marriott owners, operators and designers charged with making Marriott more awesome.

It’s fun work. Shown in this picture is one of their key instigators, sitting in the Underground, Marriott’s innovation lab. Straightup teamed up with the über-talented environmental graphic man John Mason to name, interpret and script the experience of the space. See that quote on the wall? I picked that quote. Roald Dahl wrote it. He was a genius.