After two+ decades of practice with nary a nod to marketing, Chris decided 2013 was his year. Yep, it was time for a website. A bold leap for a man who likes to quote Vitruvius. Then again, it is just this one-foot-in-ancient-Rome, the-other-in-modern America that makes Chris and his firm who and what it is: a modern master builder. A firm that makes buildings new, the old fashioned way. A firm aiming to leverage an admirable body of work for Yale and other New Haven-area clients into new academic territory: there are, after all, lots of old, ivy-covered buildings in New England that need 21st-century facilities.

They need CWA’s special brand of old/new expertise, and that’s what Group C and Straightup have been helping CWA communicate, one measured step at a time, ever since.

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